Larry Perez

Larry Perez joined Rice University in 1991 as an accountant in the Controller’s Office in the Endowment Accounting group. In 1995, Mr. Perez moved to the Office of Investments and Treasurer (now Rice Management Company) where his primary responsibility is endowment budgeting and spending. This includes budgeting the annual spending from the University’s 1,800+ endowment funds and monitoring compliance of the endowment spending policy. Mr. Perez is also responsible for generating endowment spending forecasts to assist management in determining appropriate levels of future annual spending from the endowment. Mr. Perez also assists with the management of the University’s long-term debt and commercial paper programs including issuance of debt and monitoring the spending of debt proceeds. Mr. Perez holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Accounting with honors from the University of Houston-Downtown. He is a graduate of Nicholls State University where he received an Associate's degree in business. Mr. Perez became a CPA in 1997 but no longer maintains his license.